Monday, 24 August 2015

Silver Foil Christmas Sunburst - Improved Version

Hello, Crafters. 
I hope you've had a great weekend.

Yesterday, I said I wasn't happy with the Christmas Sunburst card I'd made using Silver Foil card stock - see the last photograph. I felt it looked rather bland against the others where I'd used Glimmer Paper. 

I said I'd experiment....................and I did, 99% successfully!
Before I started on my card, I experimented on a small scrap of Silver Foil card stock by applying glue with our Two Way Glue Pen. I noticed that the glue started to pool, so I left it to dry for several seconds and then applied another coat.

This gave a much better, even coating so I sprinkled on the Dazzling Diamonds. I left it to dry and was sufficiently satisfied to have a go on my card.

I applied the glue very lightly so it stayed on the Silver Foil and didn't go onto the actual card.

Unfortunately, in the middle of doing this, I was temporarily interrupted and when I went back to it, I forgot  to apply the second coat! You can see the result in photograph 2 on the three strips on the top, right hand side. 

I doubt if any one else will notice, except you and me! 

When I'd finished all the strips, I left it to dry before I tackled the sentiment. I very carefully slid my paper piercer underneath to release the Dimensionals, one at a time.

I weighed up my options which were to a). punch out the sentiment and put it on a layer of Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper, b). stamp a new sentiment and put it on a new layer or c). do the same as I did to the strips...............and the winner was c)!

Again, I very carefully applied glue on all the Silver Foil exposed surface and allowed it a few seconds to dry. Then I applied another coat and sprinkled on the Dazzling Diamonds. 

Although this worked and I'm overall pleased with the result, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you find yourself in the same situation as me! Next time I make this card, I will stick to Glimmer Paper.

I don't know if you noticed, but when I showed this card on Saturday, I hadn't stamped the Daffodil Yellow centres! It's only a tiny amount of yellow but I think it adds a lot to the overall look of this card - see the first photograph.

Photograph 4 shows my card with the Dazzling Diamonds but no yellow centres to the flowers. And photograph 5 is how the card looked when I showed you on Saturday. Do you think the amended version looks better or do you think I should have left it as it was?

Today sees the start of my Week 12 challenge and as normal, on Monday morning, I still haven't decided what I'm going to do. I'd like to use a third stamp set from the forth-coming Christmas catalogue. Come back tomorrow and see what I decided to go with!

In the meantime, happy crafting.



  1. Well done, Jan. You took a lot of time to rescue this card and it looks great! I have to agree that the yellow centers really does finish off the cards. Maybe a little less intense yellow?

  2. Hi, Julie. Yes, maybe So Saffron would have looked better! Your feedback is always appreciated ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  3. Hi Jan flower, for me i love the yellow centres that just hit the right spot in brightening it up with the ink but your dazzeling diamonds rescue does work for me but what an amount of work to finish it so spectacularily. I hope you didn't feel i was being rude about the craft card flower i just thought that the man himself was born into a humble stable and it would just suit him so i hope i didn't offend you flower as it was seriously not my intention as i do think you make the most amazing projects,
    Crafty hugs

  4. Hi, Norah. No, not all - absolutely no offence taken. I really appreciate it when someone takes time to give me their feedback - it doesn't matter if it's in agreement with something I've done or a criticism. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! So please keep your feedback coming...........I really do appreciate it. Happy crafting, JanB ☺