Monday, 3 August 2015

Box Renovation

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you've had a great weekend.
On Saturday I said I'd share my box renovation with you on Sunday but I ran out of time after I had finished explaining about the video I had just uploaded.

I also showed the cards I'd made using the split embossing technique.

But never mind, I'm sharing it today - I hope you feel it's been worth the wait!
The story started when I was preparing for my classes towards the end of July.

I have a superb square cardboard box I keep my miscellaneous glues in.

Unfortunately, it was in a really bad state of repair and should have been disposed of.

However, not only is a great size, but it fits on my shelf beautifully.

I decided I'd renovate it and left it on my desk.

During last week, while I was working on my week 8 challenge, I wondered if I could use my box as one of my projects.

I decided no because I thought it was too close to project 2 which I called Labelling.

However, I'm female, therefore I'm allowed to change my mind - LOL - so I did project 6 and I'm calling it Decorating! 

As you can see from the first photograph, the box was so tatty it would have been more sensible to throw it away!

But I persevered and photograph 2 shows my finished box. 

Apart from the rather bumpy top edges, I'm really pleased with it. It gave me a great opportunity to use some old retired DSP that reminds me of my childhood story books!

The first job was to selotape the sides back together.

I then cut 2" strips of a different retired DSP and adhered up the four corners, round the four edges top and bottom - as shown in photograph 3.

My plan was to adhere co-ordinating cardstock a quarter of an inch shorter all round and adhere to the front back and sides which should have left me with an 1/8" gap through which I could see the DSP.

Err, no way was this going to happen!

The problem was that, because the box was so old, the cardboard had actually stretched and the box wasn't actually square - it bulged in places!

At this point I had come too far to give up.

So I redid 2" strips down the four corner edges and across the bottom and top edges, this time using the Storytime DSP.

 I finished it off by die cutting 8 Deco Labels Framelits frames - 4 in the same colour cardstock as the panels, using size 2 die and 4 using the same DSP using size 1 die.  I sponged the edges of the larger die cuts, adhered the DSP to them and then adhered them to the centre of the blue panels.              Would I do that again or find a new box? Knowing me, I'd renovate again. What would you do?  Until tomorrow, happy crafting! JanB.


  1. MsJanB, I would do the same as u, you did a great job, I love it
    Hugs Frenchie

    1. Hi, Frenchie. Many thanks for your response. It nice to know I'm not alone in doing this kind of thing. Best wishes, JanB.

  2. Many thanks for this Jan, it gave me a good old chuckle.
    Think we all have that tatty old piece or item that is truly on its last legs but we just can't get rid of it.
    Would we replace next time......Mmmmmm.......don't be silly, that would be like throwing out those old but oh so comfy shoes we keep hold of :-)
    Thanks for the pictures and the chuckles.

  3. Hi, Veecee. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this! It's nice to know I'm not alone! Best wishes, JanB.