Sunday, 19 July 2015

7 Banners From The Triple Banner Punch

Hello, Crafters. 

I have just uploaded my video showing how you can get 7 different sized banners using the Triple Banner Punch! In my video I also show you how to make sure you leave enough cardstock after your stamping so you don't lose any of it when punching the end! This is the link: 7 Banners From the Triple Banner

Really and truly, there is no reason why you can't cut whatever width you'd like and to punch it into a banner. You'll appreciate what I mean once you've watched the video. I have to admit, the punch wasn't very happy doing the seventh size.............but it did work! The big result of learning how to achieve these different widths is that you can layer the banners with a much smaller edge (surround) than you'd be able to achieve if you stick to the 3 official widths. Such is the beauty of Stampin' Up! products!

During the video, I said, at the end, I'd show how I'll store the banners until I need them for a project.................. but I forgot! So I've put a note on the screen saying I had photographed my method of storing unused stamped images, punched shapes, etc and would post them to my blog the same day I publish the video.

Photograph two shows, starting from the right the plastic wallet that holds complete A4 sheets; the second wallet is a punched plastic wallet (I cut the strip of punched holes off!) which holds all my off cuts; the third bag is a ziplock bag which holds all my unused stamped images, punched shapes, die cuts, etc. I have this set up for all the Stampin' Up! coloured cardstock. Some colours also have very small ziplock bag/s (approx. 5"x3") that I keep unused punched or die cut numbers and/or letters, or hearts or stars from the confetti border punches.

When I decide which colour I want to make a card in, I go to the wallet of my chosen colour and check out what I have in my ziplock bags. Sometimes I find something that fits in with my design, sometimes I find something that makes me amend my design and sometimes I don't find anything suitable at all!

This method suits my thrifty, recycling persona and I hope you find it helpful! Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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