Thursday, 18 June 2015

Week 2 Challenge - Card No. 3

Hello, Crafters.
When the weather is
as nice as it is at the
moment, I sit in my
garden to eat my
also to top up on
vitamin D!

Hubby built a pond
in the garden a few
years ago and it's
really well established
now, in fact, a bit

But it has so much
wildlife in and
around it, it's a
real pleasure to
just sit there and

Inside there's at
least one each of 
newts, frogs, goldfish
and snails - could
be more.

Outside, there are
boatmen, bees, flies
and dragonflies.

I can also hear
the birds singing.

So much to be
thankful for!

Today's card is number
3 in this week's

It's called triple layer

Although this is very
similar to card no. 1,
the challenge is for
as many different
ways and techniques
to use one stamp set.

I hope this isn't
considered cheating!

It's a technique that
was very popular a
couple of years ago but
I haven't seen it around

There are plenty of
videos on YouTube showing
how to do this but if
you'd like to see a
JanB special, let me
know, I'll be happy to
make one.

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.



  1. Love the triple layer technique, but would enjoy your version!
    Have a great weekend Jan!

  2. Brilliant, Sharie, consider it done! I'll get myself geared up to make the video on Sunday and publish it either the following Sunday or the following. Many thanks for your vote of confidence, I appreciate it! Best wishes, JanB. ☺