Saturday, 6 June 2015

Studio Spring Clean

Hello, Crafters. 
Once the carpet 
cleaner, Robert, 
had finished his 
job yesterday, 
we went 

First port of call 
was the post office, 
then the hospital, 
then the shopping 
centre and then to 
a new restaurant 
for dinner. 

By the time we 
arrived home, I was 
hoping the carpets 
would be dry enough 
to get the house 
straightened out 
again but no chance!

This morning we 
were able to get all
the rooms sorted 
out, including my 

Yesterday I showed 
you the before 
photographs - today, 
the after 

As you can see, so 
much of what was 
on desk, is now 
under the desk! 

But at least it's ready for me to get back in there tomorrow so I can have a good strong shot of crafting - oh happy days!

I hope you're all enjoying  a great crafty weekend. 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting!


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