Monday, 8 June 2015

Getting back into my routine

Hello, Crafters.

How quickly the
weekend goes!

Our house is now back
to normal after having
our carpets and sofas
cleaned on Friday.

Yes, I know - why on
earth has it taken so
long? we
were putting everything
back in place, I saw
something that I
decided we didn't
actually need anymore,
so it was put on one
side for the charity shop.

This caused a mini-spring
clean avalanche!

Our local charity shop
is going to think
Christmas has come
I wasn't able to make
my videos as planned
yesterday but I am
fully prepped for them
and will be doing them

I have also set myself
a target for this week
- to make one Father's
Day card a day.

Now that you all know
that's what I'm going
to do, I'd better make
a move!

In the meantime, here
are some Father's
Day/Dad cards I've
made previously.

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting!


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