Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Cake a Day

Hello, Crafters.

I didn't have any
particular ideas
yesterday about a
challenge for week
3 but I did make
this card using the
new stamp set
Build a Birthday.

I thought I could
make the challenge
to use the same
colour combo each
day but I thought
that would be too

Then I thought how
many different ways
could I make the
layers in this cake
- I quite liked this
idea because I can
think of three
straightaway and
thought it'd be
quite a challenge
to think of two

My last thought
was a Cake a Day,
so that's what I've
decided to go with.

Can you believe it
- despite their
popularity, I've
never made a cup
cake card!

If you've ever
watched any of
my videos, you'll
know I struggle to
get things straight!

The way I achieved
it on this card was
to stamp each layer
of the cake and then cut them out. It was so easy! This is where the idea I mentioned earlier, came from, about how many different ways could I do the layers.

Ping! I've just had an idea! Time permitting, I'll do the two challenges at the same time! The reason I say time permitting is that I'm having an open house tomorrow evening and I have classes on Saturday and the cards we'll be making at each event still need to be organised. Let's see how I get on!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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