Monday, 4 May 2015

Shell Thank You Cards

Hello, Crafters.

Unfortunately, I had
reason to make a
Sympathy Card today.

It was for an elderly
neighbour who passed
away in his sleep.

Unintentionally, I
used a technique that
I haven't used for quite
a while so I decided
to make a video
demonstrating it. 

This was besides
two other videos
I made which are
also demonstrating
different techniques.

The video I shall
be publishing on
Wednesday is a fun
card which is ideal
for a child's birthday.

Today, I finally made
the Thank You cards
to go with the
sea-themed Envelope
Punch Board Thank
You Card Box that
I showed you recently.

They are single layer
and I've kept the
design simple and

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.


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