Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pre-order has arrived!

Hello, Crafters.

My pre-order arrived
yesterday and this
is the one product
I really wanted to well as the
hard-copy catalogue.

It's the new designs
in the Designer Series
Paper Stacks because
the designs can't be
seen very clearly in
the catalogue.

We were only able
to order the Neutrals
but I'm more than
happy with that,
especially when I
found that the last
8 sheets are gold
and silver, that's four
of each - it's really

I haven't tried
photographing them
- with my photographic
skills, they wouldn't 
look anything like
gold or silver! 

To summarise the
designs: two of the
spot designs are
coloured spots on a
white background
while all the others
are white spots on
coloured background; 
the flowers and the
writing designs vary,
some are on white
backgrounds and
some are on coloured
backgrounds; there's
no variation with the
stripes as the diagonal
stripes are equi-sized.  

I love these new
designs and will
definitely be buying
the other paper stacks
when the new
catalogue is released.

I hope you like the
new designs as much
as I do.

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.



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