Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Indian Engagement Card

Hello, Crafters.
Recently I was asked
 if I could make a
engagement card
for a colleague of
my hubby.

She said it's for an
Indian couple and
she wanted a card
that's bright and
colourful, which is
quite a long way
out of my comfort

However, I rose to
the challenge and
this is the card I

My customer was
absolutely thrilled
with it and,
apparently, it was
passed around the
office and was
admired by everybody.

I have to confess
that I did find it
difficult to make a
bright, colourful
card but now I've 
done it once, 
there's nothing
stopping me from
being able to do it
for self-doubt, of
course, which
should be kicked
straight into touch!

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.


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