Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Getting Organised.

Hello, Crafters.
My top priority job
yesterday morning
was to get my studio
sorted out so I had
space to go through
my swaps.

I sorted them into

groups like boxes,
note pads, card
fronts, etc., so I
could video them
in some kind of

I'm pleased to
say that I was
very successful
and the video
has downloaded

I'm hoping to edit
it today so I can
publish tomorrow. 

It's the longest
video I've made so
far at 49 minutes
but that's because
I had almost 120
swaps to share!

The quality of the
swaps and the
various techniques
that have been used
is amazing.

I'm certainly
inspired to try at
least five of the
techniques - I
hope you find it
inspiring, too.

The photographs here
show more display
boards at Telford 
- I absolutely adore
the little dog card
at the top.

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.



  1. Liked the top card for this date, and was interested in what set the lovely dog came from. Can you tell me? Susan Bellenger

  2. Hi, Susan. Yes, it's a great card, isn't it? The little dog is from a stamp set in the new catalogue (available 02.06.15) called Hey, Girl. It's a photopolymer set that has a total of 14 stamps. Catalogue number will be 138706 and costs €21.00/£15.00. Kind regards, JanB.