Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Veronica's Step Card Video

Hello, Crafters.

Today's video is to
show how I make the
step card.

I first made step cards
for the first time,
last July but I had an
issue with stability...
......they gradually
fell over! 

In my video I have 
increased the
connecting piece of
card stock from
1" wide to 3 1/2"
wide and it's worked

This is the link:
Veronica's Step Card

I'm pleased to say that
I've successfully
reinforced the bases of
last year's cards so I
can actually use them

There will be more
pictures of other step
cards on my Facebook page:

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.



  1. Thank You for explaining this card. So easy to follow these instructions. Live it

    1. Hi, Carol. I'm so pleased you like this video. I have to say I loved this card once I worked out how to make it stay standing up! Best wishes, JanB.