Friday, 24 April 2015

Two classes tomorrow..................and I'm not ready!!

Hello, Crafters.

had a new unit
delivered today for
storing my card stock.

Unfortunately, I haven't
had time to photograph
it yet as my top priority
right now is to get
ready for tomorrow's

I have one card and
the 3D project ready.

But the second card
is only half done.

I think I'll have to
set the alarm extra
early tomorrow!

Apart from finishing
the second card, I
also have to get the
classroom organised
as well as writing
three instruction

The 3D project
tomorrow is the
Crafty Hallett Bag.

I've made three now
with each one g
etting easier.

Hopefully, when I'm
teaching my ladies
tomorrow how to
make it, I can
point out the
pitfalls so they can
avoid the mistakes
I made!

I'm also hoping we'll
have time to decorate
the bag as well.

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.


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