Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Marble Technique

Hello, Crafters.

I have just posted my
video tutorial showing
how to do the marble
technique. I saw this
on a video Dawn
Griffiths posted six
years ago and
absolutely love it!
It's fun to do,
easy and gives
brilliant results.

The photograph
showing the big
wheel was a card
I made a couple of
years ago.

The pink
version of today's
card is very light
and I should have
used a darker colour. 
This is the link:
Baby Marble Card

I will be posting lots
more photographs
of these cards on
my Facebook page: 
- watch out for these!

I have made this video
in two parts as I am
demonstrating two
techniques. The
second technique
is paper piecing,
which is something
else I enjoy doing
- I hope you do,

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.


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