Thursday, 16 April 2015

Painted Birds

Hello, Crafters.

On Monday I posted
some photographs of
a couple of cards I
had made using the
Open Heart stamp

I made the comment
that I thought that
maybe I should have
painted the birds.

Well, today I did!

I decided to do a
complete new card
rather than start
painting a
completed card and
running the risk
of spoiling it.

The new card is the
one with the white
jute going across the
front of the card
but under the bird.

Although I like the
bird painted, I'm
still not sure if it's
really necessary.

What do you think...
.......painted or not

For more photographs,
please visit my
Facebook page

I'm really looking
forward to my day
at home tomorrow
as I have so many
things I want to
do............all in
my studio, of
course! Yay!

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting.


  1. Hi Jan, I can't decide between the two. The light makes a huge difference normally but very difficult call. Both are lovely, this is a stamp set I will order next time I make one. Thank you. X Ros H

  2. Hi, Ros. I still find it difficult to decide which I like best and I can see them both cards in the "flesh"! It really is a brilliant stamp set, I love it. Kind regards, JanB.