Sunday, 15 March 2015

Successful videoing day

Hello, Crafters.

Last Sunday my 92 year father died. He'd had a serious stroke about 15 months ago which had left him paralysed and in a lot of pain. 

My parents have been living in Australia since 1974. Tomorrow I'm flying out there to spent a couple of weeks with my 91 year old Mum.

I have been busy videoing today so I would have some to post while I'm away. The subjects of my videos are the Molly basket, Bunny Topper Sweets Treats and Minion Sweet Treats - no cards and no stamping! 

I have uploaded one which is ready to be edited and (hopefully) posted tomorrow and I will upload a second one overnight. Then I'll upload the third one during the day while I'm packing for my trip. 


 Once they're uploaded I can edit them on my laptop while I'm away. Here's a couple of sneak peeks!

I'm hoping I can post my blog tomorrow, during my stop, when the plane is cleaned and refuelled, ready for the second part of the journey. 

So until then, happy crafting.



  1. Jan, I am sorry to hear this, know how hard it is to be so far away at times. Love your posts and creations and will wait for the next ones, whenever you can get them done. Safe journey. Sarah

  2. Many thanks for your kind words, Sarah. JanB