Saturday, 21 March 2015

Abu Dhabi Airport

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you're having a great crafty weekend.

I've finally managed to download some of the photographs I took at Abu Dhabi Airport and my onward journey here to Sydney.


The first three photographs were taken from the airport.

There is an amazing amount of building
work going on there.

The airport will be massive once it's all done.

Once I was on the plane bound to Sydney I was offered a glass of Lemon and Mint which is very popular in that part of the world.

It was absolutely gorgeous. 

Fortunately, I managed some sleep on the 13+ hour journey to Sydney.

When I awoke, I looked up to the ceiling and saw a Smiley face looking down at me! 

It's amazing where we card makers get ideas and inspiration from!!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



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