Friday, 13 February 2015

Swaps from Orlando Video

Hello Crafters.
Today I've posted a video of the swaps I received at Convention 2015 in Orlando. The standard of the swaps is absolutely brilliant! There are so many that have inspired me with loads of card ideas and I hope they inspire you too.
You have already seen the Valentine card I made as a result of one of the swaps. If you'd like further information about any particular cards in the video, please contact me and I'll be pleased to help.

I am also going to post photographs of each card on a new page I have just set up called Photo Gallery. I have taken all the photographs but I haven't edited them all yet. Please visit this page to see the first ten cards and I'll let you know as soon as I add more.

This is the link to the video: Convention 2015 Swaps

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Hi Jan, just to let you know I loved the video. Was nice to have the dialogue as you saw them rather than just looking at pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Sarah

  2. Fantastic! Many thanks for the feedback, Sarah - it's very encouraging. JanB.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing all the cards. Definitely do this again! Your card was lovely.

    1. Brilliant. Many thanks BichonBabe. Such positive feedback is so encouraging! JanB.