Thursday, 5 February 2015

Orange County Conference Center

Hello, Crafters.

Today is my last day 
at my job in London. 

I have very mixed emotions 
about leaving - sad 
because it's a lovely 
position and the people 
are really nice but 
happy because I'll 
have no more commuting
into London!

On the brighter side, 
although I'll still be 
working for my daughter 
six days a month, I'll 
have lots more time to 
spend card making! YAY! 

I've started going 
through the 300+ 
photographs I took 
at the Leadership 

It's going to take some 
time to go through 
them all!

These photographs are 
of the skywalk from the 
hotel to the OCCC and 
inside and outside of the 
actual building.

It is all very modern, 
bright and clean

I don't normally take 
photographs of portaloos 
but these made me laugh. 

The company name is 
Comfort Homes Inc and 
each loo is marked VIP - I 
wonder where the loos 
for the workers are?

Until tomorrow, happy 


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