Friday, 6 February 2015

Mixed emotions!

Hello, Crafters.

Well, that's it! 

I no longer work in 

As I said yesterday, I 
have very mixed emotions 
- sad to be leaving a great 
job and great people but 
thrilled I no longer have 
the miserable commute 
to London.  

Yesterday’s journey 
into London took 1 
hour 50 minutes 
instead of the 
correct 1 hour 
20 minutes.  

Today I am off to 
work for my 
daughter, a lovely 
ten minute drive 
through some 
beautiful woods 
and then I'll 
be back home 
by 3.30 pm 
- that's more 
like it!

Today's photographs 
show some of the 
display boards 
at Convention. 

I'm afraid the 
quality of 
the photos isn't 
particularly great. 

As you can imagine 
there was always a 
big crowd of people 
trying to photograph 
the boards at the 

This left little time to 
focus before shooting! 

But I think you can see 
them well enough to 
get ideas and 


Please contact me 
if you have any 
questions about 
any particular card 
- I'll be happy to 

Until tomorrow, 
happy crafting.



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