Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Book Marker's Video

Hello, Crafters.

Although I have started 
preparing this post while 
I'm sitting in the hotel 
lobby, killing time, by
the time you read this 
I should be back home

from Orlando.

I have just uploaded my 
video showing how to make 
book markers. 

This is the link: Book Marker

Although they are simplicity 
itself, there are two very 
important considerations 
you have to make. 

Firstly, the embellishments 
must be flat otherwise they 
will be flattened when being
used inside a book and could 
possibly damage the book.

Secondly, the ribbon should 
be firmly anchored to the card 
stock. It is so frustrating to pull 
your book out of your bag to 
find that the ribbon has gone 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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