Thursday, 26 February 2015

Arrived at the hotel

Hello Crafters.

Wow, what a day it's been today! I was up bright and early so I could make a video I could post during the 3 days I'll be at the Make It Show this weekend. I had a bit of trouble with my tripod and couldn't remember what part I had to undo to tighten it up again. I decided I could sort it out just as easily with a piece of cord. What do you think? I know, I know.....
........... but it worked!! LOL

Whilst I was waiting for the video to upload to YouTube, I packed the clothes and toiletries I'll be needing for the weekend. Once that was done, I packed everything I needed to work with i.e. catalogues, recruitment packs, flyers, business cards and all the materials needed for my demos. 

I was very successful in packing everything into my small car and even had a bit of spare space had I wanted to take more with me. But I was happy and raring to go! 

Then things started to go downhill, thanks to TomTom (satnav). He decided what fun it would be to take me down the motorway, turn off, drive around for a while so I didn't know whether I was headed north, south east or west and then back on the motorway to where we started from!! 

By this time it was pouring with rain and the spray from other vehicles was horrendous. Please don't ask me why TomTom did this because I have absolutely no idea. If I didn't need him to get me to the hotel, I would have dropped him down the nearest drain!

Anyway, we were back on track and TomTom successfully sorted out one traffic jam after another, most of which were caused by roadworks. I finally arrived at the hotel in just under two hours - a journey that should take just under 1 hour! But I'm safe and that's what really matters.

I'll keep you posted about how the show goes. If you're planning coming along, do come to the Stampin' Up! stand and say hello, it'll be great to see you!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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