Sunday, 25 January 2015

What a laugh..........

Hello Crafters.

I hope you're enjoying 
the weekend. 

I had two classes 
yesterday which 
included three new

The interaction
between evereybody 
was absolutely brilliant 
- classes are such a 
fantastic social event! 

I also recruited one of
the ladies to join Stampin' 
Up! as a hobbyist i.e. so
she can buy the products 
at a  discount.

I also took a booking 
for a children's birthday 

This is one of the 
activities I planned 
to start once I've 
finished my job in London 
- just two weeks left!

The morning class ran 
out of time and didn't 
get to make the 3D 
project - which was 
this bookmarker - but 
the smaller afternnon 
class did.

As long as everyone 
enjoys themselves, I'm 

Until tomorrow, happy 


I also stamped the back of the bookmarker


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