Friday, 30 January 2015

Orlando - Day 1

Hello, Crafters.

Day one in Orlando 
was great fun - so many 

One of the best was the 
opportunity to meet and 
chat with Dawn Griffiths! 

She is one of the top demos 
here in the US and is just as
lovely in real life as she is 
in her videos. See photo 1.

The next two photographs 
are of the bag all demos 
were given on check-in 
- adorned with badges I 

It has a sensible little pocket 
just inside for your mobile 
phone, no more chasing 
around for it at the bottom 
of the bag! 

The next photographs are 
the freebies we were all 
given: Hooray It’s Your 
Day and Balloon Bash
photoplymer stamp sets, 
Hooray It’s Your Day Simply 
Created Kit and Hooray 
It’s Your Day Envelopes 
– this last product is not 
available in the UK.

I had now better get
my skates on and get
over to the conference 
centre for day 2. 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting,


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