Friday, 2 January 2015

Kerry's Birthday

Hello Crafters.

What a lovely day 
it's been today? 

I can't believe how 
warm it's been in 
comparison to the 
last four days or 

Bring it on.........I 
don't do cold! Brrr!!

Do you remember 
the birthday card I 
made for my Mum 
in Australia last 

At the same time 
I was making it, I 
was asked to make 
a personalised card 
for the friend of a 

As I was so in love 
with the card I was 
already making, I 
decided to make 
the same card for 
Kerry but in a 
different colour. 

The only other 
difference was the 
patterned vellum. 

I used small hearts 
on my Mum's card 
and a delicate 
flowery pattern on 
Kerry's card - neither 
of them are Stampin' 
Up! products.

I think they both 
look gorgeous, don't 

Have a great weekend.

Until tomorrow, happy 


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