Saturday, 8 November 2014

John Preston

Hello Crafters.

We have had a 
fantastic day at 
the Croydon 
South Rotary Club 
Craft Fair at 

Although there were 
fewer stalls this year 
and the weather was 
very wet and very 
windy, it was our 
best craft fair ever!

The visitors were 
absolutely brilliant 
and without exception, 
they were happy to 
stop and chat. 

The Fair was opened 
by John Preston, who 
is the Chairman of the 
Rotary Club's 
International Foundation 

Following the opening 
he went round and 
visited all the stalls. 

He stopped at each stall 
and took an interest in 
what everyone was selling.

My boxed greeting cards 
- with balloons or 
flowers - sold like hot 
cakes and the Magic 
Reindeer Food was very 

We have another craft 
show next Saturday so 
I'm going to have an 
extremely busy week 
trying to replenish 
my stock!

That's about it for 
today crafters. 

Until tomorrow, 
happy crafting.


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