Saturday, 29 November 2014

Getting back to normal!

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you are all 
keeping well and 
are enjoying your 

I'm sorry I missed 
you yesterday but 
I felt sooo rough! 

My infection peaked 
and I spent most of 
the day in bed.

I'm really pleased 
to say that I feel so 
much better today. 

Today feels like the 
first day of a cold, 
you know the feeling, 
runny nose, sneezing, 
painful sinuses, 
headache, etc. 

But in comparison 
to the past 10 or 11 
days, this is a walk 
in the park!

It's been great to 
get back into my 

As you know, I had 
to cancel the craft 
fair I was doing on 
Thursday but I also 
had to cancel today's 

It's strange how 
things work out but
today I had the 
opportunity to book 
a great craft show 
for next Sunday in 
a shopping precinct! 

One of my projects 
today was to make 
24 curvy keepsake 
boxes - 12 santas and 
12 penguins. 

I also want to make 
more reindeer food 
for next Sunday. 

Although I already 
have a reasonable 
stock of both of these 
(and lots of other 
goodies!) I am also 
doing a craft fair at 
my granddaughter's 
school next Saturday 
and I'm concerned that 
I may run out before 
Sunday - highly unlikely 
but you never know!! 

I also had an 
unexpected sale today 
of some reindeer 
food from a customer 
who bought from me 
last year.

Tomorrow I'm planning 
to make three videos. 

I'm thinking about 
making one to show 
how I make my 
version of the santa 
curvy keepsake box. 

This is because I 
haven't seen any yet 
where santa has a 
beard and also 

because I have a 
couple of tips that 
I've worked out for 
myself but would 
have been nice to 
know before I 
started making these 

These photographs are of my santa.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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