Saturday, 1 November 2014

First workshop

Hello Crafters.

Today I had my first 
Stampin' Up! 

For non-Stampin' 
out there, the 
difference between 
classes and 
workshops is that I 
teach at a class and 
charge for it, and 
a workshop is where 
I demonstrate products 
and do a make-n-take, 
without charging for it. 

(This definition was 
explained to me recently 
at Convention - up until 
this point - I taught at 
workshops! Oh well, I live 
and learn!)

Unlike a previous network 
marketing company I was 
with, SU uplines don't do 
the first workshop for their 
new recruits. I plan to 
change this for my new 
Although attendance was 
low, it was a very 
successful workshop.

It gave me the 
opportunity to decide 
what parts of my workshop 
were good and what parts 
weren't so good! 

My second workshop 
will be well attended 
and successful - watch 
this space!

The advantage of having 
a low attendance is that 
the make-n-take can be 
bigger/more involved. 

I had planned that 
everyone would make 
a Christmas tag but we 
had time to do an 
actual gift bag as 
well as the tags.

The stamp set I used 
was Ornamental Pine.

As you can see, it 
was a very simple 
idea, but the result was 

Note: these were new, 
unused takeaway 
bags! LOL!  

Although I prefer the 
slightly more expensive 
bags with "rope" handles, 
this style is better as it 
is a lot flatter and 
stamping results in 
smaller blank gaps 
when going over 
the handles.

That's about it for 

I'll be back 

In the meantime, 
happy crafting. 


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