Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Father Christmas make-n-take switched up a notch

Hello Crafters.

The other day I 
showed you the 
Father Christmas 
and Elf  Christmas 
cards children made 
at the make-n-take 
I did at the craft 
show last Saturday.

I made seven and 
decided to switch
 them up a notch. 

These are the 
finished cards. 
I also decided to 
make a video 
tutorial ready to 
post tomorrow. 

I have just been 
editing it but 
there was almost 
two minutes in 
the middle of it 
that I wasn't happy 

I cut the section out
but now I have to
wait while YouTube 
processes the change!

This is the first time 
I have cut pieces out 
via YouTube so I 
don't know how long 
it's going to take. 

Another learning curve!

Until tomorrow, 
happy crafting.


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