Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Birthday card for my Dad.

 Hello, Crafters.

The card I am showing 
you today is the card 
I made for my Dad's 
birthday last Thursday.

I chose an owl this 
year as my Dad is a 
very wise man and 
has always been a 
great and wonderful 
influence on me all 
my life.

All the products I 
used for this card 
are Stampin' Up! 
products with the 
exception of the 

They are from a 
box of Sizzix products 
I bought from a 
friend's friend who 
had kept them in her 
garage for donkey's 

So long, in fact, that 
there was one of the 
old red original Sizzix 
die cut machines in 
the box!  

That's about it for 
today, so until 
tomorrow, happy 


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