Thursday, 2 October 2014

Looking through the window!

Hello Crafters.

I am about to edit 
a video to post onto 
YouTube although it's 
unlikely it'll be ready 
to post tonight. 

This is the card I'm 
demonstrating on 
the video and as you 
will see there are 
three options as to 
the width of the 

If you watch the 
video, you'll see I'm 
undecided which 
card I prefer - I now 
know I prefer the 
one with the widest gap.

The card stock 
measurements I have 
given is for the last card 
i.e. the one with the 
widest gaps. 

If you would like to 
make the first two 
cards, contact me for 
the card stock sizes.

I will post the video 
link as soon as it is

If you have 
subscribed to my 
YouTube channel, 
you will be notified 
as soon as the video 
is ready. 

In the meantime, 
until tomorrow, 
happy crafting. 


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