Thursday, 23 October 2014

Latest Video - Black Embossed Snowflakes

Hello Crafters.

Came home from work
today to that awful 
sound of water gushing 
under floorboards! 

The connection had
come apart!

With the help of a very
kind neighbour the 
problem was solved 
quickly - many thanks, 

I know black is not 
everyone's ideal colour 
for a Christmas card 
but this one is so 

What do you think 
about  this colour
scheme for a Christmas

This is the link:
Black Embossed Snowflakes

I have such a busy
 day ahead of me 

I have to design two
Christmas cards and a 
3D project, plus prepare 
all the pieces of card 
stock for 12 attendees, 
all to be ready for my 
classes on Saturday! 

The grass doesn't get 
a chance to grow under
my feet!

Tomorrow I'll let you 
know what success I 
had........or didn't have!!

Until tomorrow, happy


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