Thursday, 16 October 2014

Convention - Brussels 2014

This is one of my actual swaps
Hello, Crafters.

Travelling by Eurostar to 
Brussels was so
incredibly quick, easy 
and stress-free. 

Once I had checked
into the hotel, I 
unpacked and went 
for a walk. 

I found the Square 
Business Centre 
which is where the 
Convention is being 
I went in so I could 
pre-register rather 
than doing it in the 

We were given our 
special red Stampin' 
Up! bag, name badge 
and two stamp sets. 

I am so thrilled - both 
sets wereon my wish 
list: Kinda Eclectic 
and Amazing Birthday.

I took my swaps with 
me although I wasn't 
sure if anybody else

There was a lot of 
swapping going on 
but, as I was in a 
long, slow moving
queue, I was 
restricted to 
swapping with the 
demonstrators who 
approached me!

But I have collected 
13 beautiful ideas so 
I have just uploaded 
the video of the 
Christmas card I made 
which inspired my swap. 
This is the link:
Convention Swap

I hope you watch the
video and decide to 
give this card a go 
- it's a nice, fun card!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting!




  1. Hello,
    sorry- i can´t speak good english....your Swap ist beautyful ! :-)
    Thank you fpr swapping
    Lovely Sabine

  2. Many thanks, Sabine. Loved yours too! The charm is absolutely gorgeous. Best wishes, JanB