Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Busy day but not crafting!

Hello Crafters.

Yes, a very busy day 
working in London 
then chores at home 
but no cardmaking!

Bah Humbug!

Never mind, let me 
share a few more 
Convention swaps
with you!

Look at these earrings
- what a fabulous idea?

Not my style but talk 
about thinking outside 
the box.  

These were from 
Ateliers Loisirs Creatifs
Scrap - thanks for 

I don't celebrate 
Halloween but
I liked this 
chocolate eyeball!

I received this from 
Bettina Poller -
thanks, Bettina.

This has a lovely
surprise when opened
- two pop up houses.

This great idea was 
from Sonia Benedetti
- thanks for the swap

That's about it for now, so
until tomorrow,happy crafting.


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