Monday, 20 October 2014

Burst water pipe!

Hello Crafters.

After checking out 
of our hotel, we 
spent a couple of 
hours doing some 
last minute 
sight-seeing in 

This was followed 
by a spot of lunch 
and then we 
collected our 
luggage from the 

We  took the 3 
minute train 
journey from 
Brussels Central 
Station to Brussels 

The journey home 
was quick, easy and 
stress-free, as always 
on Eurostar.

We stopped en-route 
at Tesco to restock 
the fridge. 

When we arrived home, 
we opened the front 
door and we could hear 
rushing water............a 
burst pipe under the 

We are now waiting 
for Dyno-rod to come 
back tomorrow 
morning with the 
necessary parts to fix 
Oh well, never mind! 

These are some 
photographs I took 
when I was at 

These are some 
fabulous ideas for 
Christmas home 
decor ideas.

I particularly like 
the first photograph 
and, time permitting,
would like to give 
it a try!

You don't need
to be a stamper
to appreciate
Stampin' Up! 

Until tomorrow,
happy crafting!


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