Friday, 19 September 2014


Hello, Crafters.

I persevered and I
Finally succeeded!

My fifth video
has now been
uploaded successfully
to YouTube!

This is the link:-
Using Punched-out Christmas Trees

I am none the wiser
as to why I was
experiencing problems!

I wonder if maybe
lots of people were
trying to upload to
YouTube when I was
trying and it was
too busy to cope??

If anyone knows, or
has any suggestions as
to why this happened,
I would be really
interested to know.

Anyway, you can
now see the three
cards I made with
my leftover trees
(from my video
Glimmer Christmas

As always with my
videos, I give lots
of tips and tricks
whilst I'm demonstrating
how I made my cards!

Do click the link and
have a look!

If you enjoy my video,
please subscribe to my
YouTube channel by
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In the meantime, I hope
you enjoy the weekend,

Until tomorrow, happy


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