Saturday, 20 September 2014

Embossing Folders

Hello Crafters.

I hope you're enjoying
a very crafty weekend!

I've had a great day
working in my studio.

The two projects I
have  been working
on are designing
two cards for my
workshops next
Saturday as well
as card for my swap,
for when I go to the
Stampin' Up!
Conventon in Brussels
in October. I want to
make at least 100!

This is one of my
workshop card ideas
but I can't decide if
they're too bland or

Most of the time I
think less is more
but what do you

The first two
photographs show
the ribbon the right
way round.

The next two show
the reverse of the ribbon.

Do I need to add
something extra or are
they good as they are?

As always, your
feedback will be

Tomorrow, I hope to
be making 2 or 3 more
videos for YouTube.

I have one more that
is ready for posting,
which is set for

It's about using the Wondrous Wreath stamp set and includes lots of hints and tips. I'll let you know once I've posted it and is ready to be viewed.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and happy crafting.


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