Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Do you ever have problems with embossing folders?

Hello, Crafters.

I finally managed to get my fourth video uploaded onto YouTube!

Do you ever have problems when you use embossing folders where you get little "tears" in it or "creases"?
This used to happen to me so frequently that it drove me round the bend. I shudder to think how much card stock I wasted over the years.

Some time ago I learned a solution on a video I saw on YouTube (I think it was posted by France Martin). Today I uploaded my video on YouTube demonstrating how to solve this problem! This is the link:- Problems with Embossing Folders? Video

Whether you have this problem or not, please watch my video and learn the solution, just in case you, or a friend, ever need it.

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Until tomorrow friends, happy crafting. 


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