Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Work of Art

Hello Crafters.

Now that I have showed
you the three stamps
that come in the
Seasonally Scattered
stamp set, I am moving
onto the Work of Art
stamp set which is
available in the Annual

I'm sorry the first
picture is not great
quality but it does
show you what stamps
are included in the set
and I have to admit,
when I first saw it, I
moved  straight on to
the next page!

The stamps in the set
just did not fit the bill
for my style of creating.

But now I have seen
some of the ideas other
card makers have come
up with, I have to
swallow my words!
I am totally amazed
and am now on a

A mission to see how
many different designs
I can find on YouTube
and Pinterest using this
stamp set! This is my
favourite one so far.

I think this idea is
absolutely brilliant!

Tomorrow and the next
two or three evenings,
I'll show you other ideas!

In the meantime, happy


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