Thursday, 14 August 2014

Work of Art 3

Hi, Crafters.

I am so thrilled! Today
I hit the magical 500
Likes on Facebook
- thanks a million to
you all.

Today's Work of Art
card has only used
just one of the stamps
in the set but what a
super card!

To create the ice cream I
used  one of the dies from
the Word Bubbles set. I
think it's more of a thought
bubble rather than a word
bubble - but even more
than that I think it looks
like a cloud!

I drew dark bits on the
chocolate ice cream to
look like choc chips,
pinky bits in the
strawberry ice  cream
to look like bits of
strawberry and yellow
bits in the vanilla ice
cream to look like

                                                                                    I punched the cherry
out of red glimmer
paper using a non-SU
balloon punch and cut
a small a piece of
green card stock for
the stalk. Looks good
enough to

That's it for today,
so until tomorrow,
                                                                                    happy crafting everyone! 


  1. Absolutely love this card idea! Thank you for sharing it.

    1. I pleased you like it, Carol. JanB