Saturday, 2 August 2014

Thank You Cards

Hi, Everyone.

Tomorrow I have 20 listings
on eBay that end out of
which 15 have all received
bids. All the listings are retired
Stampin' Up! stamp sets.

Yesterday I spent some time
making Thank You cards so
I can put one inside the
package of each stamp set
sold. I decided I would keep
the design simple because I
also had it in my mind that,
whatever design I came up
with, it would be the subject
of my first card making video


I had partial success with this plan in as much as I came up with a simple but very striking design. Unfortunately, I can't start my first video tomorrow as I hoped because I'm missing a small part to my tripod set-up! Frustrating but never mind, I can work round it while I wait for the part to arrive - hopefully, sometime during the week.

That's about for now. Until tomorrow, enjoy the weekend and have fun.


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