Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Screen Cards

Hi, Crafters.

Have you seen the
new Screen cards?
The design of the
card is awesome
and I've made two
for special occasions.
One is still in the
post so I'll save that
for later in the week
but this is the first
one. It's a
wedding card.

Most of the cards
I've seen have
been decorated on
the four sides
visible but I do
five sides. This
means there is
a decorated
side still visible
when the card
is closed.

The Bridal Couple
on the front of the
card is from a
download that
was given away
with a card
magazine a few
years back. I
have used it so
many times because
it lends itself to
having a lace veil
attached  a 3D
bouquet added. I
wish I could
remember which
magazine gave this
away as I would like
to give them a really
big thank you.

I am particularly pleased with the hearts punched
along the top of the card. I used a new Stampin'
Up! punch and worked out how  I could do it
without finishing up with any broken hearts at either end!

It's a small detail but makes such a difference!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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