Monday, 21 July 2014

Workshop - Saturday 26.07.14

Hello, Crafters.

This is the second
card for Saturday's
workshop. I decided
out of the five
designs I showed
you last week,
this was one of
the two quickest
cards to make. I
have 2.5 hours for
us all to make
two cards and a
3D project, which
will be an envelope.


I know this doesn't
sound very exciting
but there are two                       
benefits of doing
this. The most
important is that
we need to make
an envelope for
today's step card
and secondly, it'll
be an opportunity to
demonstrate the Envelope
Punch Board. Next month's 3D project will be how to make a box using it.

The second photograph shows the back of the card. It isn't
really necessary to do this but I think it's like buying a top or
T-shirt with a decoration on  the front that stops at the 
shoulder seams instead of  going all round! Do you 
have any feelings on this?        

And the third photograph is the base of the card - a place for the sender to write their personal greeting.          

See you tomorrow. Happy crafting.             

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