Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today's Craft Show

Hello Crafters.

My day started with a phone call to my insurance company
to get my car sorted out. They've noted all the details and
will let me know about a loan car and the repairs to my car,
next week.

Although I called
today's event a craft
show, it was
advertised as
a Shopping Event.
In reality it was a
school fete! It was
very well attended,
the weather was
super and there
was plenty going
on. Hopefully, it was
a financial success
for the school.

Unfortunately, my cards and paper crafts never do well at school events  and I really don't know why! 
Has anyone else experienced this? We've made
the decision that, going forward, we will not book 
school events.

Even my camera decided not to work today! And one of the
wheels broke off my trolley! I  think I'll stay indoors tomorrow!!

I managed to get a
little bit of time in
my studio this afternoon
and I finally completed
a project I started some
time ago. It's a box for
recipes. I think a lot of
us have a collection of
hand written recipes
we've collected over
time, all put in the
kitchen drawer and
forgotten about, or worse, lost!

This box comes with 100 lined cards, which can either be written on or have the existing hand written recipes adhered to.

Happy crafting.

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