Friday, 4 July 2014

Dry Wipe Board for a Special Friend

Hello, Crafters.

I've been on an Away Day today with the London company I work for.
 The morning was a brain storming session, followed by lunch. The day 
was rounded of with a session of archery! I came joint 5th out of 10 - not 
bad for a first-timer!!
When a friend of mine saw the dry wipe boards I made last month she ordered four.
 I am going to visit her next week and she asked if I could take two more with me.
 In the meantime, I bought a new batch of dry wipe pens which had five colours 
in a pack and one of them was mauve. As I know it's my friend's
 favourite colour I asked if she would like a mauve one. 
Silly question - of course she would!
So I made these four using different flower stamps from my two favourite sets, so she can choose which one she likes best.

Happy crafting!

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