Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Two Cards Are Ready

Hello Crafters.

What a busy, busy day! It started off with my physio and then I met up with a friend for coffee. 
After that I did what feels like a million and one jobs! 
The most important of these was getting the card making packets ready 
for both cards for Saturday's workshop attendees. All I need to sort out now is the 3D project.
I think I will be teaching how to make decorative clothes pegs like the one above. 
This one, which has little magnets on the back, is the one I received as a swap 
when I went to Telford. However, since I started doing Craft Fairs 
I've found out that, because most of us have fully integrated kitchens, 
there aren't many people who have a place for magnets!

Therefore, I didn't see a point in decorating clothes pegs....................until I actually found 
a practical use for it while I was working in my studio.
These ziplock bags contain scrap white card stock of varying types and kept getting in my way 
while I was working. I saw the peg and had a light bulb moment! 
This started me thinking "what else can I use it for". 
These are three of the ideas I came up with.
Pegged to my letter tray

Pegged to my desk tidy

Pegged to my page
 It can also be used to close open bags of food, like cereal packets. 
Please let me know if you can think of any other uses - I'm sure there must be loads!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.

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