Thursday, 12 June 2014

Personalised Wedding Cards

Quite some time ago, one of the British card making magazines provided readers 
with free downloads for making wedding cards. 
It takes a great deal of patience to make one of these cards but, my oh my, it's so 
very relaxing and satisfying. I think there were about six different downloads 
altogether but I always use the same one. Each card is slightly different 
from the others with the biggest difference being the bouquet of flowers.

These photographs show just four of the cards I've made using the download. 
Each card has a lace train but I vary the products I use for the flowers.

The first card here was for Marc and Carol. I made their wedding stationery 
and the bride's mother, a friend of mine, asked me to make a wedding card 
for her and husband to give to their daughter and their new son-in-law.

This last card was for a lovely couple who live in Australia, 
over the road from where my elderly parents live.
My Mother asked if I could make something special for Sean and Liz
as they are really good to my parents.             

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