Friday, 27 June 2014

Pegs for Tomorrow

Hello, Crafters.

My first port of call this morning was to collect some thread catchers from a lady I met 
at the April Gingham Goose Craft Market. She had a stall, with two friends, next to mine 
selling various items they had made with fabric. I bought two for my workshops and 
they proved to be very practical and very popular. Two of my ladies asked if I could get them
two each. I'll try and photograph them tomorrow in situ to show you.

After that I went to see the Friday Market at Warlingham Village Hall. I had been
 asked if I would like to have a stall there. I wanted to see what it was like before
 I made any commitment ... and I'm really pleased I did. Although it was a lovely hall, 
really bright and there was a friendly buzz there, it was very small. It also had a lot 
of bric-a-brac stalls and about four other people selling hand made greeting cards!

When I arrived back home, I made a great cup of tea and disappeared into my studio with it!
I needed to concentrate on getting the design on the pegs finalised for tomorrow's workshops. 

The one part about the pegs I showed you yesterday that I wasn't happy with, 
was the edging of the paper that was adhered to the peg - it looked exactly like 
what it was i.e. a strip of patterned paper adhered to a peg!

I sanded my down with a sanding block. This removed the sharp edge of the paper 
and makes it look ingrained into the peg. Look closely at these photographs 
and make your own mind up - sanded or not sanded?

Happy crafting!

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