Sunday, 8 June 2014

Masculine Dry Wipe Boards - also foot note re: Box of Odd Sox plus sneak peek!


This is another project for Father's Day gift ideas for next week's craft fair.
I have already posted the feminine version which is with flowers. 
The two stamp sets I used for these masculine versions. 
are the Open Sea and Dapper Dad.

To create depth to the images, I used Dimenionals to adhere them to the perspex board.
I curled the bow tie backwards on either side and put a Dimensional in the centre 
of each side. Then I used a glue dot to adhere the centre of the bow tie down.
Likewise, with the watch straps, I curled them backward, put a Dimensional underneath 
each side and used a glue dot to adhere the watch to the perspex board.

The ship, anchor and compass where adhered with Dimensionals.
When I was getting up this morning I remembered something about my post 
yesterday evening and also something about the Box of Odd Socks.
First of all, I meant to say a big Thank You to my friend Sue for the idea 
for these boxes - so........many thanks for sharing this with me, Sue.

I also remembered that I hadn't quite finished decorating the boxes! 
I had missed off the "odd socks". So here they are together with the brown boxes 
I made today. I did two different colours to remind me 
there are two different sizes of socks!
 Finally............................a sneak peak at another project 
I have been working on this space!!

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