Sunday, 15 June 2014

Corner Bookmarkers

I spend a lot of time reading during my commute to London
 and back home again. Reading makes the journey go a lot quicker
 than the one and a half hours it really takes! 
I am one of the few people that actually still reads 
hard-copy books rather than a Kindle! 

Therefore, I need some kind of book marker. 
I saw someone make one of these and thought what a great idea it is, 
although I have seen some that have that I've thought were over-decorated! 
I always make mine with minimum decoration, so that when the book is closed, 
the book marker isn't causing any lumps and bumps inside the book! 
 This is mine on my current 
reading book - I love owls!
 The photograph above and the two below 
show a selection of bookmakers I've made

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